12/12/2008: 32 Meg ProDOS Partition Updates


Hi all! I've done a little housekeeping with the 32 meg ProDOS partitions:

I added a few useful conversion utilities to SoundSmith, as well as its full documentation. I also added the wonderful Audio Zap v2.0 for all your audio editing needs. Both updates can be found on the Audio and Utilities 2image.

I've also been marking folders red for the programs that are refusing to run from System 6.0.1. Keep that feedback coming in and I will continue to maintain a clearer picture of which programs are working from the hard drive.

I have removed all ampersand characters from the 2image filenames and have re-zipped each partition using Stuffit with maximum compression setting used in the hope this may correct some of the issues some people were experiencing. I still recommend you use Firefox or Safari to download any of the 2images on this site.

If you're still having problems using the 32 meg partitions with emulators or getting them onto a compact flash card via CiderPress, please add your experiences to the comments on the CFFA Review. I know that converting those 2images to Raw format has enabled their correct use with KEGS v0.91. 

Additionally, I've collated a list of all the games that currently can't be run from a hard drive:



King of Chicago

Impossible Mission II

Rocket Ranger 

Dream Zone


Grand Prix Circuit


Hunt for Red October


Silent Service

Test Drive II


Blackjack Academy


4th and Inches

GBA Basketball


Serve and Volley

Skate or Die

Street Sports Soccer

Superstar Ice Hockey

Winter Games

World Games


If you can remember having a hard drive installable version for any of these games (and there are detailed cracks listed here and there, but my sector editing skills are not up to the task) look it up and submit it so it can be included on these 32 meg volumes.