26/04/2014: 8-Bit 3.5" Disk Additions: Neuromancer, Death Sword, SSi Collection 1

Joo Jun emailed me to say he'd found some additional 8-bit games on 3.5" disk: Neuromancer, Death Sword (otherwise known as Barbarian in Europe) and a homebrew collection of some classic Strategic Simulations Inc. games rolled onto a single 800k volume. Nice to see some more unexpected additions to this category of games, making play easier on a IIc+, IIGS or any other Apple II equipped with a 3.5" disk drive. Be sure to read each archives' notes for more information about each game, but between all three, another nice addition is that they seem to work from ANY large ProDOS volume as well!

In addition to these new archives, Brian Picchi has submitted a scan for Clue Master Detective for this category as well. In preparing this archive, I've accidentally stumbled upon the manual, as scanned by Arnaud Brossard when we swapped the content of our archives some years ago. Hooray!

Also, we now at last have a truely 8-bit friendly version of Rampage on 3.5" disk - I was inundated with new copies of the game to replace the IIGS only crack by the French United Cracker's Klan, by Rob, Antoine and another copy I found at Tony Diaz's. Either way, you'll quite happily play this game on a IIc+ or any other Apple II equipped with a 3.5" disk drive.

Thanks Joo Jun, Brian, Rob, Antoine, Tony and Arnaud!