12/09/2017: 8-bit Database Apps! The Original Print Shop on 3.5" Disk As Well!

Thanks to me digging deep into some awesome CD-ROM based archives that Belgian basde François Michel (not to be confused with François Michaud in France) sent to me way back in 2002, I've rediscovered some 8-bit 3.5" based application software that I still haven't seen anywhere else on archive.

First up is the Omnis 3 Database Manager. As Pascal format disk, this application provided a lot of features for the time of its release in 1983...and would you believe, is still being updated today? Check out the archive for more info!

Next up, is a nice Mousetext based and mouse controlled application called ProFILER. Really nifty this one – behaves much like MouseWrite, the excellent 8-bit word processor, but this is definitely an easy-to-use database...that's also hard drive installable.

Last but not least on the database front, a newer version of Micro Cookbook – this being v3.0.0. Quite an extensive and relatively easy to use database dedicated to storing your favourite recipes...and in a feature similar to today's iOS recipe managers, you can even generate shopping lists based on what recipes you plan to prepare for the week ahead!

Also, a true rarity appeared on eBay not too long ago – an official 3.5" disk based version of the ORIGINAL Print Shop (not to be confused with The New Print Shop, more commonly found on 3.5" disk). Alas, it slipped by the fingers of Antoine Vignau (he was attending KansasFest afterall). I put a call out to the Facebook Apple II Enthusiasts Group if whoever bought it, could make an image to be archived and enjoyed by all. About a day or so later, it appeared on Asimov...but I can't believe the auction would have been shipped to the successful bidder. Thanks to the anonymous person who uploaded the 3.5" disk image for this, it is truely rare...but now ready to enjoy for anyone who would care to run it from any 3.5" disk drive enabled Apple II.