19/07/2011: 8-bit Software Available on 3.5" Disk

There's now a hell of a lot more software on 'What is the Apple IIGS?'. Strictly speaking, it's not Apple IIGS specific software, but 8-bit software that will run on the IIe, IIc and IIc+, but it IS on 3.5" disks, which has the convenience of no disk swapping, faster disk access, 3.5" disks are easier to come by than 5.25" disks and many of these programs are hard drive installable and even System 6 compatible.

This new section of the archive is very much a work in progress and at the moment only covers games and educational software...but there's a huge first haul to be had between these two new categories. Currently, you can only access them via these links, as I haven't even had time to update the pull down menus of the masthead navigation.

For 8-bit Educational programs available on 3.5" disk go here.

For 8-bit games on 3.5" disk look no further.

As usual, I ask everyone to have a look at these new sections, see what's missing in terms of disk images, cover scans, manuals and disk labels and help where you can by checking what you have in your own collections.

And for all of you at KansasFest, keep an eye for these items at the Garage Sale! ;-) A big thanks to Antoine Vignau for providing cover and manual scans for The Whole Neighbourhood and Read n Roll, as well disk images for The Whole Neighborhood and Story Starters: Science. Rare titles indeed.