10/05/2009: A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Just a couple of new inclusions:

Peter Wong sent in a scan for TML BASIC, beating Paul Zaleski by a week. Sorry Paul! :-)

Also, in my quest to obtain scans of the covers of everything Apple IIGS related I've been pursuing every avenue I can, including libraries Using the Libraries Australia site, which keeps a database on what each Australian library contains, I've found that La Trobe University has a few items relating to the IIGS. I visited there today, dusted down some IIGS related books and brought my lightweight CanoScan 1240U, but found only one publication the archive was missing - 1001 Things to Do With Your Apple IIGS. I'm making further enquiries as to what software La Trobe has in storage.

Are there similar repositories in the United States? Is anyone able and willing to visit these libraries and scan the covers of the titles listed on the 'You Can Help!' page?

In other news, I caught wind that Rich Dreher, hardware designer extraordinaire, is working on a new version of the Compact Flash Card Reader for the Apple II. He's planning on making the next revision include a virtual disk drive feature, meaning that disk images for 3.5" and 5.25" disk drives, at 800k and 140k respectively, can be used instead of using real physical media. This is FANTASTIC news, because it potentially means you'll never need to rely on floppy disks ever again, as disk images can be loaded from a compact flash card, including games (like Alien Mind or GATE) and demos (like those by the FTA) which are not possible to run from a hard drive. Hopefully some software wizardry will be included that will allow users to swap virtual disks mid-game by way of a classic desk accessory, or something similar. To encourage Rich and let him know you'd buy one as soon as they're available, drop him a line via his website.

Last but not least, the manual included within this archive for the CMS SCSI card was scanned by Andrew Roughn.