12/11/2012: Accrued Updates: Hostage Box and docs! Plus many more docs! Mad Libs Box! The Joy of Hard Drive Image Submissions! MultiScribe GS Returns!

Right, submissions have been accumulating over the last couple of months and it's time everyone's hard work to archive the IIGS was enjoyed by all!

Antoine Vignau (did you REALLY think he'd stop helping?!) has submitted something highly prized, to me anyway: The IIGS box of Hostage. In the 10 years I've been scouring eBay for IIGS stuff, this has never appeared. Through a haul in Belgium, Antoine was able to secure the box, as well as the manual and disk label scan. All are available from the Hostage archive, except the disk label scan - those will appear at a later date on the site. The new box replaces the old Amiga version placeholder I've had for years, that has the incorrect 'Hostages' title.

And just for an encore, Antoine has also provided the Big Red Computer Club versions of manuals for the following programs: the Bard's Tale I and II (which include interesting manual addendums for the newer GS/OS versions of these two classic games), Mazer II (possibly the most enigmatic IIGS game ever, where a manual should provide more of a clue), Zany Golf, The Immortal, Cartooners and Instant Music. Additionally, better quality scans of the documentation for Ultima I are available. After answering a request on comp.sys.apple2, we also have the full manual (albeit in black and white) for Apple's Video Overlay Card. One last piece of documentation very welcome is the English translation to the docs for Photonix II

If that wasn't enough, Antoine has also found the ultra rare Sound Source Star Trek Audio Clips for the IIGS. Originally comprising three disks, these classic Trek samples are among the best quality sound bites I've heard on the IIGS and you can setup each sound using System 6's sound control panel for different functions of your IIGS that provide audio feedback. The documentation is also included.

Another Mac to IIGS release for multimedia is the Bruce Jones Design Inc. Maps!Maps!Maps! collection. Whew. Thanks Antoine!

Adding to Antoine's manuals, Andrew Roughan has submitted the manual for the Second Sight card, the third party solution enabling VGA graphics capabilities for the IIGS! Andrew's also let me know I need to create a list of manuals still needed to complete the archive...I promise I'll get onto that soon!

Matt Reichert made a surprising find - an Apple IIc+ specific version of California Games. Although screen shots were included on a IIc+ review for the November 1988 issue of A+, I just assumed there was a 5.25" disk drive hidden away in the background, but it turns out that was a bona fide screen shot with the game being run from the built in 3.5" drive. Really, the only difference between the IIc+ and the version for the IIe and IIc is the disk medium - the IIc+ version comes on a single 3.5" disk and doesn't require disk swapping, and that's a genre this archive is wanting to collect for. You'll find the disk image, box and IIc+ manual addendum all from the California Games (8-bit) archive. It also works perfectly well for the IIGS, but preferably, you'd want to play the IIGS specific version with better graphics and sound.

Another welcome contribution has been made by your favourite YouTube poster and mine, Brian Picchi. He's scanned the box to Mad Libs, a hard to define title that I've included under Reading and Writing.

Clayton Cummins has submitted something new that I'd love to see everyone submit more of: entire hard drive image dumps. Why do I want to see these types of archive? If they're from SCSI or Vulcan drives from back in the the IIGS' heyday, they might include some rare software, system add-on, icon or imagery, etc. that's not yet archived. And in the case of Clay's contribution, it's turned up exactly that:

Shareware games Backgammon by Phil Doto, Memo Cards by Carole Fox (translated into English from the French original) and Solitaire by Bill Hamshire (adding to his collection of well executed card games).

I've included these new additions on the System 6 bootable image that includes Shareware and Freeware games, trying to keep together the other works of Phil Doto and Bill Hamshire. Just a suggestion for a 32meg volume 2image - if anyone's got a fully installed GNO/ME with lots of executables installed with it, I'd love to get my hands on that.

Robert Gomez has quite rightly pointed out there's no downloadable archive for MultiScribe GS, the precursor to BeagleWrite GS. So if you now download the zipped archive, it will also include v3.01 of MultiScribe GS. The older version still seems to exhibit intermittent unresponsive mouse clicks when used with Sweet 16.

Buy a CFFA3000 for your real IIGS if you haven't already. I believe there are still quantities of this amazing card, so order one to enjoy your Apple II with a major speed boost without physical drives and multiple storage mediums!