09/02/2020: Additions, Additions, Additions

Antoine's back! And he's been cracking!

We now have fresh cracks for Anthony Beckett's recently Applesauced disk images for:

Tales of the Arabian Nights, Read-a-Rama, Aesop's Fables and the 8-bit on 3.5" disk title Car Builder, along with a better box scan.

Antoine's also been able to source some more material himself as well:

Snoopy's Reading Machine (including the manual, packaging and disk label scans - this is the first time a copy has been found of the rare IIGS version). Antoine's also made fresh disk images (after many attempts and cleaning the magnetic media itself) with a newly working crack as well.

Your Money Matters - packaging scan and alternative disk images for v2.0f with a manual scan to come.

Geometry (which is literally a much cleaner deprotect than the FUCK crack)

Dan Chisarick's scanned in the Shadowgate manual, IIGS reference and print out certificate at the game's completion AND the official hint book! Big thanks to Dan for this and for donating some boxed IIGS titles to add to my physical collection for permanent reference.

Milliken Story Teller now has a box scan and disk labels for its Classics II add-on collection. Huge thanks to Kevin Savetz for scanning these very obscure materials after sharing photos of them in a recent haul that mostly included boxed software for other platforms. He's alright for an Atari guy ;-)

John Leake has expertly scanned Stavros Katsordoris' copy of the rather hefty TML BASIC manual after a request was made by Andrew Roughan to see it archived.