25/06/2016: Alien Mind crack now ROM03 compatible and a single volume for CFFA3000!

A long time ago (that it feels like it could be from a galaxy far, far away) the French United Crackers Klan cracked the classic IIGS only game Alien Mind. This crack had to circumvent the game's customised operating system and disk format (which allowed for 920k of data on a double density disk!), which meant when you include a save game disk, it required four 3.5" disks to play! If you had the original disks to Alien Mind (mine survive to this day) it would work fine a ROM03 IIGS, but the crack unfortunately would only work on ROM01 machines.

Regardless of the crack, Alien Mind (and other games Tomahawk, Hunt for Red October and GATE, as well as FTA, FUCK and many other customised OS demos) would not work with the CFFA3000 either, their boot routines relying on the IWM chip utilised by the 3.5" disk drive - which the CFFA3000 can't tap into.

Until now. Newcomer 'Ballmerpeak' has hacked the FUCK crack to make it work on the ROM03. And then went one giant, massively convenient step further - hacking together ALL four disks into a single volume that will boot and play from the CFFA3000 or emulators. You don't need to swap disks, even for saving and resuming games now. Heaven. He's written a write up for the hack in one and two parts. You can download Balmerpeak's work from the archives found on the links in this post to What is the Apple IIGS? archives or from Ballmerpeak's own site.

Not only has Ballmerpeak greatly enhanced Alien Mind, but he's also made the only fighting game for the IIGS, Sensei, compatible with the CFFA3000. At the moment, high scores are not supported, but hopefully they will be in a future update. As well as the classic FTA demo Modulae.

I'm quietly hoping that Ballmerpeak has more hacks in the pipeline and that further announcements will be made around KansasFest...along with a lot of other exciting news to coincide with the biggest annual event on the Apple II calendar. Don't miss it if you can make it to Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, July 19-24 2016.