03/07/2011: Another Previously Lost Educational Title Found! Talking USA Map

A huge thanks goes out to Daniel Kruszyna (who'll be presenting at this year's KansasFest) for not only being able to make working disk images for Talking USA Map, but also for a scan of its box and manual! Fantastic! Another educational title now archived, no longer in danger of being lost forever!

This brings the list of IIGS specific educational disk image requests to this shorter list:

Talking Academic Quiz Kid, Computer Video Reader: World of Nature - Reading About Animals; Reading About Sharks, Bird Watcher, Inner Body Works, Logic Master.

There are also educational hyper/multi-media titles still required too, although they also require a laser disc. Although no form of emulation for the Apple IIGS supports laser disc and the Apple Video Overlay Card (and probably never will), a video capture of the content of the laser discs would be ideal to preserve their content alongside disk images of the actual GS/OS software: GTV: A Geographic Perspective on American History, Science Vision: Astrovision, Science Vision: BioExplorer, Science Vision: Chemical Pursuits, Science Vision: EcoVision, Science Vision: ErgoMotion and Science Vision: TerraVision. Lastly is the IIGS only CD-ROM title that quite possibly wasn't even released: YourWordBox!

And in preparation for a big bonus of software soon to be added to 'What is the Apple IIGS?', we're also on the lookout for 8-bit educational software that was released on 3.5" disk. See if you can help with any of the following titles:

The Treehouse, Word Attack Plus Vocabulary, Alge Blaster Plus!, Grammar Gremlins, Stickybear Numbers, Stickybear Reading Tutor, Stickybear Spell Grabber. Also, be on the lookout for other Davidson, The Learning Company, Learning Ways Inc., Hartley, Sunburst and Weekly Reader titles.