21/03/2010: Another Round of Updates

Tony Diaz has submitted cover scans for two of the missing issues of the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide, specifically Fall 1987 and Spring 1988. Tony recalls that Joe Kohn gave one or both of these magazines to him, so not only can we thank Joe for the legacy of his writing, but also for these scans.

Not only that, Tony's also submitted cover scans for the books Apple 16, Programming the IIGS in C & Assembly and All That GS Jazz Vol. II.

Tony's also contributed even more hardware scans, so when it comes to RAM, you can rely on using this site as a reference to quickly identify those expansion cards you find in the odd IIGS picked up at a garage sale or thrift/recycle store. The latest additions include the Applied Engineering GS-RAM II, QRAM and RAMPak4GS. At the almost the same time, both Tony and Wayne Stewart submitted scans for the 4+4 revision of the Sirius RAM card, and it took me a while to distinguish between the 4+4 Rev versus the version 2.0 revision scan I already had; both are now included.

Wayne's also submitted the Parallax TopRAM manual, in his perfect PDF reproduction style.

If it's one thing you can count on at the moment, it's that Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe is always up to something with the Apple II. Recently, he's patched Bubble Ghost, Gauntlet and Paperboy to run from a hard drive, as well as System 6. I've updated the individual 2image archives for these titles, as well as the 32 meg ProDOS image that includes all action games. Three cheers for less disk handling! He's also scanned in the rare paid shareware version manual for DuelTris, as well as scanned the Mac version's cover art for Cogito and the Tinies.

As I've been pouring through A+ and InCider magazines looking for content to add to the book, I came across some interesting IIGS titles that I'd not previously listed. They're all Hypermedia titles and they all involve the use of an accompanying laser disc; a device for playback and control of laser discs with the IIGS was almost completely unheard of, but none-the-less, these titles were developed for the education market. GTV was the first, but then the Science Vision series followed (at least according to InCider/A+).

In addition, I came across an article in InCider/A+ December 1990 to perhaps the only IIGS specific CD-ROM software title: Your WordBox!

If anyone has more info on these very rare titles, please write in.