25/02/2011: Apple IIGS Emulator for the iPhone and iPad!?! Kinda

Wow! Now you can emulate the Apple IIGS on your iPhone or iPad! Get excited, but also realise that currently you can only run FTA software with it. Yes, that's right, all the work Olivier Goguel has been putting into emulating a IIGS through a browser, best demonstrated at Virtual Apple ][, is also paying off for use on mobile devices.

While it was revealed that Olivier was working on a iOS IIGS emulator solution thanks to footage at the FTA's recent FTA Wormz Party, there were many doubts as to how anyone could get past Apple's stringent control checks before allowing apps to appear in the iTunes Store. The Gogs has managed to do it, but in keeping Apple happy, he's only included FTA software with the app.

Playing around with the app on my iPhone 3GS, it can keep up with emulating a stock standard IIGS at 2.8Mhz with a minor skip here and there at 20 frames per second. I imagine on an iPad or iPhone 4, emulation speed would never dip and fingers crossed it performs at 60fps. If anyone who regularly commutes, let us know how it affects the battery life of your iOS device running the app.