29/04/2017: Appleshare via Ethernet - Now on an Apple IIGS!

Some great, unexpected news! You can now connect to Applesharing servers via Ethernet on a IIGS with an Uthernet I or Uthernet II, or a LANceGS card!

This has been a wish list item since the first ethernet card, the LANceGS, came out in the '90s, not to mention that Apple's own unreleased Apple II ethernet card actually supports Appleshare over ethernet (I've seen it in use).

As a control panel device (CDev), the AFP Bridge, in league with the existing AppleTalk networking system extensions included with System 6.0.1 (and the higher revisions not coming from Apple) and the Marinetti TCP/IP stack you can now connect to AFP v2.0 servers or any Mac running the classic Mac OS all the way up to v9.2.2 and get full Appleshare file networking! You can even connect to Macs running Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.4 as well, although Apple II file types are ignored, making working with files a little more manual (e.g. you won't be able to double click on files and expect them to open in their usual program on the IIGS).

This Beta is only at v1.0, but this is a really cool development (although I haven't tried it myself yet). For anyone hesitating in getting an Uthernet II card, this really gives you a new reason to invest in one and enjoy file sharing more transparently with GS/OS.

You can grab it from this Github link as a ShrinkIt archive, or download my  System Add-ons 32 meg 2image volume - it's in the CDevs folder.