31/05/2014: Author of the book Iconic, the Photographed Visual History of Apple Products, Personally Drops Off a Copy

Last Monday, I had the rare pleasure of Jonathan Zufi visiting my abode (luckily it's on one of the days I work from home) and personally deliver a copy of his book 'Iconic', the 'Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation'. Jonathan started his quest to photograph every product back in 2009 and started the Shrine of Apple site to share his collection of products photographed.

Luckily we both had time to chat and shared stories of our collecting obsessions and our mutual love of Apple products. I was able to show off fairly modest collecton - my prized Apple IIGS, my G4 iMac, strawberry iMac G3 (both of which were recent acquisitions) my 9 classic form factor Macs making nice bookends in my shelves, the collection of boxed Apple II and Macintosh software, and the few other more 'recent' Macs (A blueberry iMac G3 and, a couple of blue and white G3s and quite possibly the rarest of my collection, the black all in one Performa from 1997.

I was especially pleased that Jonathan told me he looked around for inspiration on books on Apple and came across my desire to create a coffee table book around Apple. I can only hope I had some influence; meeting Jonathan and seeing the results of his hard work in Iconic has made me want to double my efforts. Yes, the work is still continuing on visual history of the Apple IIGS. I'm still discovering all sorts of new information and content to include in the book – it WILL be worth the wait!