22/09/1999: Bernie ][ the Rescue v2.5 and iGS Released

Bernie ][ the Rescue 2.5 has been released! The new version supports better integration between GS/OS and the Mac OS, i.e. you can now simply drag and drop files between the Mac and IIGS desktops. More importantly for gamers however, is that sound has been improved - no more low volume problems. Testing the new version myself, I have to report that it's absolute aural bliss now. There don't appear to be any incompatibility fixes for games however, apart from the exception that Mean 18 now takes key input every fourth second or so, but the sound improvement has been worth waiting for.

On the same day that the new version of Bernie has been released, Mac users were doubly blessed. A new version of XGS, for PowerPC and 68k Macs has been released. The new version is now called iGS, the 'i' standing for 'improved'. The program is a lot easier to use now, not to mention that it's useable at all; previous versions of XGS failed to run with MacOS 8.5 or higher. Get it from Michael Bytnar's XGS page.

Still no joy for Windows users wanting to emulate the IIGS. I haven't heard of XGS development becoming anyone's priority, nor do I know what happened to reports of a promising emulator called dApple. If anyone has information regarding IIGS emulators for Windows, contact me so the word can be spread to relieve the suffering of Windows users everywhere. In the meantime, they could always install BeOS and checkout Sweet 16!