22/06/2014: Buckets of New Content

We've got a bevy of miscellaneous updates - let's roll them out...

Michael Shopshin's been able to provide a disk image of Bank Street Writer Plus on 3.5" disk and Antoine's been able to provide a scan of the box for it - anyone have any word processing documents you need to view again with this 8-bit app, that includes a dictionary and thesaurus?

Another rare and odd find is some accountancy software - DAC Easy Accounting. I couldn't get too far with trialling the program, but it's there none-the-less for anyone wanting to have a go with this 8-bit application on 3.5" disk.

There's a whole bunch of box scans recently acquired. Antoine's provided Stickybear Math 2, Punctuation Rules (both with the manuals as well!), and Writer Rabbit. François Michaud has been able to provide scans for Math Rabbit and Gertrude's Secrets, for which I've added an archive for given that it was officially released on 3.5" disk (for which we still need a working disk image).

Antoine's also been able to provide the box scan and manual for the IIGS specific educational software All About America.

Always helping out, Antoine's also been able to provide manuals for Designasaurus, First Shapes4th & Inches Team Construction Kit, Blackjack Academy and Street Sports Soccer (just in time for the world cup!).