19/07/2015: Burger Becky Releases Mindshadow for the IIGS

KansasFest 2015 is only just wrapping up now (keep track of what's exactly been going on via the KansasFest YouTube channel) but during all the excitment, Burger Becky Heineman released the previously unreleased IIGS version of the classic Interplay text/graphic adventure Mindshadow. Also, Burger Becky gave the keynote address for this year's annual event and it's not only a great oral history of her work, but great inspiration if you're in need of a never say die attitude! Jason Scott, of the Internet Archive, has been able to provide a full audio recording of Becky's presentation.

Thanks to Jorma Honkanen for the scan of the 8-bit Apple II version of Mindshadow for the archive! (I knew starting to collect 8-bit scans of non-IIGS titles would start to come in handy!)