06/07/2015: Burger Becky Videocast Ahead of KansasFest 2015

Rebecca Heineman, programmer behind IIGS classics Tass Times in Tonetown, the Bard's Tale I and II, Neuromancer, Crystal Quest, Dragon Wars, and Out of this World, has recorded a video cast (that was originally broadcast live on twitch.tv, but is now available on YouTube) that reveals, in part, how she coded a couple of her games (including her unofficial reworking of Space Ace), and how they can be potentially recompiled using Brutal Deluxe's more recent efforts in cross compiling on more recent hardware. Rebecca includes a lot of her history and advice for aspiring coders.

Rebecca herself will be attending this year's KansasFest to deliver its keynote address. She plans to use the source code of Bard's Tale I, II and the unreleased IIGS version of Bard's Tale III to create newly compiled versions to run on recent platforms as an extra feature to Bard's Tale IV, recently announced on Kickstarter. She also recently revealed on Twitter that she'd prepared a IIGS version of Wasteland, but that suffered the same fate as Bard's Tale III when Electronics Arts got nasty after Interplay went independant and went with Activision as as distributor.

Last chance to clear your schedule and go to the biggest Apple II event of the year...in the northern hemisphere at least ;-)