02/04/2016: Celebrating Apple's 40th with Some Updates!

It's been 40 years since Apple first became an official company and naturally, we shouldn't expect too much fanfare from the company itself in regards to its previous efforts. So I'm hoping to spread a little curated IIGS content so we can remember that Apple wasn't always just a smart phone manufacturer.

Antoine Vignau (remember that guy?) has been able to procure and crack the rare 3.5" disk version of The Ancient Art of War. Hooray! He's also scanned the box for the title. That currently leaves Centauri Alliance, another official Broderbund release on 3.5" disk, to be archived to a working disk image. Write in if you can provide one.

Antoine's also sourced boxed copies of Blue Angels and Heatwave, two games from Accolade that got cancelled for the IIGS, and scanned the boxes which are now included in those archives. Alas, a working disk image for Heatwave has yet to be found. However, Antoine's done a bit of detective work and discovered that the programmer behind the Blue Angels conversion was Serve and Volley programmer Jeffrey J. Sigler. So we'll see if he's contactable and can shed any more light on those unreleased titles.

As always, follow Antoine on Twitter for his recent fresh cracks of IIGS software, which I will collate into this archive in the long term, but for now, will only be including the special cracks – you know, the ones that make a previously ROM03 incompatible title play friendly, or are now System 6 compatible or hard drive installable.

Also, Stavros Karatsoridis has uncovered HyperStudio Clip Art volumes 1 and 2 from Roger Wagner Publishing. Both disks include excellent 640 mode graphics, icons, animations for use in HyperStudio (or any other program that supports 640 mode graphics).

Thanks Stavros! We salute you!