19/12/2008: Christmas Bonanza!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I've assembled a fairly big update to the hardware section. Thanks to Ewen Wannop, the archive now holds a scan of the Applied Engineering DataLink 2400 internal modem. Thanks also to Henry Courbis of Reactive Micro for scans of the MicroDrive IDEMicroDrive IDE Turbo and the GS-RAM Ultra. Last but not least, many thanks to Collin Douglas for contributing a scan of the uber rare Future Pad board, for use with the Futureshock 3D game. Never thought I'd live to see the day for that one! As told to Collin by its developer Jeff E Johnson, ‘it uses variable capacitance to sense how high you hold your hand over the pad.' It plugged into the joystick port on the IIGS.

Additionally, I've included downloadable manuals for Applied Engineering's VulcanSonic BlasterGS-RAM IIIPC Transporter and the RAM Keeper along with manuals for the FingerPrint GSiSirius RAM, and the ZipGSX accelerator. These wonderful manuals were created by Wayne Stewart, who has made the best with what the PDF format can offer: all the text is searchable and even the chapters on the contents pages are linked to their relevant pages in each manual. To boot, the PDFs actually contain text instead of bitmap scans of each page, resulting in very small file sizes. If anyone can let me know how to reach Wayne and thank him for his efforts, please let me know.

The icing on the cake for my Christmas, Brian Wiser has scanned his available issues of the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide, filling out most of the gaps in the archive's collection.

And as Michael Stephens has reminded us on comp.sys.apple2, you can spread some Christmas cheer on your IIGS with his Christmas Demo; ready to go in both 2image and ShrinkIt archive!

I'll be travelling to England, France and Italy throughout January, but I hope to check my emails as often as I can, but expect longer response times.

Merry Christmas everyone!