20/07/2014: Control Finance Like It's 1995! Your Money Matters and Financial GeniuS archived!

Getting back to finally being able to properly archive some of the application software I found within Tony Diaz's collection, we have some more IIGS rarities to include.

Apart from Sierra's Smart Money (which I've been hunting for a box, disk label and manual scan forever - can anyone help there?), there were no IIGS specific programs that dealt with your personal finance...until some independant developers decided to step up to the plate. Your Money Matters is the first of these, completely utilising the standard Apple GUI and System 6 to the full. We're lucky to have a complete archive of it now, as Tony's original copy of disk 2, with the actual program on it, refused to image, citing errors. I remember I tried the next morning and thankfully it worked (would expansion and contraction during the warmer and cooler parts of the day play a part in successfully making disk images, either in regards to the disk media or the drive itself?!).

The second program to keep a close eye on your money is Financial GeniuS, which was eventually released as $35 shareware, but I believe its developer, Rick Adams, hoped would be a full commercial release. Again, this is a pretty comprehensive program that takes full advantage of System 6. Also included are the demo version, which includes a demo account file, as well as earlier versions of the program I'd found earlier.