18/09/2016: Day 3 of Apple IIGS 30th Anniversary Celebrations (including the 28th Anniversary of the Apple IIc+)

Alas, this is more than a day late, but I ran into some work/technical/toddler issues that prevented me from getting it out on time.

But the good news is that day 3 is here! And to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Apple IIc+, I've majorly revamped the 8-bit apps on 3.5" disk category - IIGS and IIc+ users get to enjoy it equally (and enhanced IIe owners who've got 3.5" disk drives of some variety connected).

Antoine has submitted PFS Plan, PFS File and Report, MouseWrite and On Balance. Joo Jun has submitted PFS Write. 4am has submitted all major versions of Copy II+ that were available on 3.5" disk. François Michel, from whom I received his incredibly well archived collection of IIGS software back in 2002, can be thanked for the multiple versions of AppleWorks, Family Matters, The New Print Shop, Print Master Plus, Personal Newsletter and VCR Companion. Paul Hagstrom can be thanked for the VCR Companion manual scans. François Michaud can be thanked for the excellent scans of Publish It!

There will be more to come...