21/09/2016: Day 4 of Apple IIGS 30th Anniversary Celebrations (Star Saga One Completely Documented)

This is something I've been working on for a while and I'm pleased to share it with everyone now that it's complete.

Herbert Fung, over a year ago, was very generous in sending over his fully boxed, almost untouched copy of Star Saga One: Beyond the Boundary. The package arrived safe and sound here in Melbourne, having come all the way from Herbert's native Canada.

The game is quite rare and particularly sought after as one of the designers behind it, Andrew Greenberg, was one of the designers behind the Wizardry series of RPGs. Something of an influence for all role playing games that followed, if you don't already know.

Normally, having scans of a IIGS game's manual is a nice thing to have, but in the case of both Star Saga games, it's a necessity. The computer is only one part of multiple pieces to playing the game, those other elements being a board where physical pieces are placed to show progress, character information booklets and story booklets only to be read at the right times dictated by the computer...and ideally, at least one other human player to play with, or as the game supports, up to another 5 human players.

Perhaps, with the relatively recent resurgence of board games, this particular game now holds even more fascination. I was hoping to get everything scanned and in optimised and high quality PDF format before KansasFest 2016 (because in previous years, the game was attempted to be played but I think fell by the wayside due to its complexity and the hard to ignore activity of the biggest Apple II gathering on the planet), but better late than never. If you've ever been curious about this game, but didn't have a spare $200 to fork out to buy the game when it appears on eBay every couple of years, then now's your chance!

But this is not all folks! Stay tuned...we may have complete scans of all the required game materials for Star Saga Two: The Clathran Menace to closely follow.