16/10/2016: Day 5 of Apple IIGS 30th Anniversary Celebrations: Illustrating the Past

Am I continuing Apple IIGS 30th anniversary celebrations? Yes, yes I am. Depite this update coming much later than the previous ones (which weren't all on consecutive days as I'd originally hoped) for that shouldn't stop new ways we can enjoy the IIGS during it's 30th, or in this case, how we remembered the IIGS.

Jeremy Sears wrote in to tell of his initial IIGS experience, or to be more accurate, lack of it. I'll let Jeremy explain in both prose and illustration, but while I was always happy I got an Apple IIGS when I was all of 11 years old, I've recently acquired an Amiga 500+ and an Atari 1024ST, and I feel like I can have fun exploring alternative universes had I got one of those machines instead of the Apple IIGS.

From Jeremy:I have an unusually clear memory of the 1st Apple IIGS computer I'd ever seen (or heard about), as a kid.

I remember it was set up on its own separate display table, in an alcove, off of my local computer store's main sales room.

Wandering away from my family and the sales people, I walked over to this incredible, new machine!

It was running software, that automatically was showcasing the IIGS's (whole new!) level of sophistication, in exciting graphics and sound capabilities.

This was in late-1986. And the 1st IIGS computers weren't going to be available for sale, for another few months.

I'd been wanting an Apple IIe for (what seemed like) so long--

and I just wasn't willing to wait another 3 months to get the IIGS instead of the IIe Enhanced.


In retrospect, this misaligned timing, apparently left the Apple IIGS in my memory-- as something I really wanted.

In around 2010, after not having thought about the Apple IIGS for many years, I had the inspiration to try to build one-- through buying its components on eBay.

It took over a year to find great condition IIGS components that were affordable for me-- but I was able to build a great Apple IIGS component system!

This also launched the hobby I've been pursuing since then, of building a small, vintage Apple computer & other device collection.

But the IIGS always has remained my favorite vintage Apple computer!


When I considered that September, 2016 was the Apple IIGS's 30th birthday month,

I began drawing on my MacBook, just a sketch of a IIGS's basic shape.

I thought the sketch looked better than I'd anticipated.

So then, over many nights last month, I spent a little time each night, revising & adding to the drawing.

By the end of last month, I'd completed this Apple IIGS drawing!

I had little experience drawing on computers-- and was using the MacBook's default editing capabilities, when you open any picture file on it.

So I was really happy about how the completed IIGS drawing looked!

Jeremy Sears' IIGS Illustration