18/08/2018: Disk Image Updates

Qkumba's been busy with more ProDOS conversions of classic 8-bit games and I've included them, as I do all updates, on my collection of 8-bit games on a 32meg ProDOS formatted disk image.

With the release of Marinetti v3b9, which speeds things up greatly for TCP on the IIGS, I've updated my self booting Communications 32meg image with all hard drive installable comms apps that's useful for anyone with a LANceGSUthernet I or II, or a WiFi232. I've also updated all of Speccie's TCP apps, along with the Undo Manager, which grants apps written for the new system extensions to have multiple levels of undo. Find the link to to this disk image at the end of this blog post about BBSIng on the IIGS in the 21st century.