05/12/2008: eBay Action...in Australia?

Newsworthy for this site at least, eBay Australia was a flurry of activity this past week. An Apple IIGS with 1.25meg of RAM, an Apple High Speed SCSI card, SCSI hard drive and two 3.5" floppy drives sold for $901.00 (Aus) to the highest bidder. This is a high price indeed and just goes to show how these vintage Apples are actually going up in value.

Then another Apple IIGS appeared a couple of days later, also from a seller living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This particular IIGS included little other than its total RAM of 512k and two 3.5" floppy drives, but it was a Woz model which was cosmetically in good shape. Better still, it included all the original packaging that was also in good shape.

What the hell, I'll take a plunge, take advantage of being able to pick up without paying postage and bid with what I successfully bid on a IIGS loaded with a ZipGSX, 4 meg of RAM and a Vulcan hard drive back in 2003.

Proving again that the value of the IIGS is actually on the increase, I was outdone for my bid of $256. But only by $5!

Congratulations to the recipients of these IIGS. I hope you'll be able to make full use of this site to fully explore the potential of this unique vintage Apple machine.