28/09/2011: Even More Content Added! Sesame Street Learning Library & Disk Access II

François Michaud's began the next round of content updates to the site by submitting manuals for The King of Chicago (with some good hints and tips as to how to complete the game, which I never have) and Font Factory (the comprehensive font creation and editing program from Seven Hills Software) as well as an alternate manual scan for screensaver extraordinaire Twilight II, which has made for a good cover scan.

Antoine, never to be out-done of course, has shot through some more material as well: manuals for Chess Master 2100 (specifically, the IIGS reference card), Instant Synthesizer, Master Tracks Pro, Second Chance, So What Software Utilities and Universe Master. In addition to the documentation to Second Chance, Antoine's also found version 2.0 of the program, now included in the archive. It's an interesting program – the beginnings of something like Adobe Photoshop for the IIGS! Additionally, Antoine's also been able to provide version 1.0.2 of Universe Master, newer than the v1.0.1 the archive previously held.

A recent trans-world effort to help catalogue and archive more Apple II software between myself, Antoine and Bill Martens of Call A.P.P.L.E. has yielded some early fruit in the form of several disk images: Disk Access II (a new desk accessory that enables file management from any standard GS/OS program) and Sesame Street Learning Library Vol 1 (a nice addition to educational 8-bit Apple II software on 3.5" disk). Additionally, a new version of Speller Bee (v2) has been found and added to the archive. Again, this shows that many programs received newer iterations and that sometimes obtaining the 'same' software again reveals nice surprises like newer versions.