14/04/2012: (Fashionably Late) Easter Updates

Apologies to everyone for not getting these updates out sooner (particularly to those who contributed), but at last, What is the Apple IIGS? has some new content! Andrew Roughan has submitted the following manual scans:

Balloon, GSNumerics, Kangaroo, RAMGS. Big thanks!

François has sent in scans for My Paint IIGS reference cards and a nice box scan to replace my original manual cover which I tried to pass off as the box! Hopefully we'll be able to make a working disk image of his version 2.0 copy.

Speaking of which, between François and Antoine, they’ve been able to produce a disk image for Shadow Dial – all those in France, be sure to play with it – you’ve only got until the end of April when the MiniTel service finally closes down. Be sure to take a few screen grabs with Shadow Dial so we know how it looked on the IIGS!

The most exotic find this month has to go to Mauro Rospocher. He's come into the possession of a fairly rare card for the Apple IIGS (and II, II+ and IIe) called the Floating Point Engine. Combined with the drivers, this card will boost GS/OS applications by way of a maths co-processor. An image of the card, the software necessary to use it and the manual have all been included on a new archive dedicated to this piece of hardware.

Oh, and just a little specific request – if anyone has Nibble issues April 1987 and October 1987, could they scan the covers please? I realise Nibble can be bought from the original publisher Mike Harvey, however, I am compiling a complete cover scan collection that will be very high resoluton and retouched to maximise quality.