04/01/2011: First Round of Updates for 2011!

I've had an awesome response with submissions since announcing the site would see more updates in 2011. Speaking of updates, if you want to catch-up with all the 2010 news, do so here. I'll have to get round to creating more obvious buttons on the right hand side of the News for easier access!

Mauro Rospocher has scanned and uploaded the following games' manuals:

GBA Basketball
Gnarly Golf
Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf
Leisure Suit Larry
Mean 18 Famous Course Disk Reference

Keep the manuals coming in everyone!

Mauro's also scanned in the box for the Mean 18 Famous Course Disk II - if anyone has Course Disks III and IV, please scan those boxes and send them in as well.

Robert Spitz has submitted the driver and utility for the Applied Ingenuity Inner Drive, after asking around in order to get his own hardware up and running.

Brian Picchi pointed out that First Bytes' Mad Libs can't be found anywhere on the site! He's completely right, so I've created an entry for that title including a disk image and screen grab.

I just cottoned onto Rich Dreher's update to the CFFA3000 card from December 9 2010. Although delayed, it's great it's still moving forward. This is the one piece of hardware I'm looking forward to most...but it'll be sometime before I can use it, being away from my beloved IIGS machines whilst in England.

Last but certainly not least, François Michaud let me know about his amazing catalogued Apple II collection...amongst his even many more Macintosh items. Check it out and be green in envy.