06/02/2017: Futureshock 3D Now Playable with a Joystick!

Dagen Brock and Antoine Vignau have patched the game Futureshock 3D so it can be played with a joystick. Why is this particularly news worthy? Futureshock 3D is only fully playable with the accompanying FuturePad, a peripheral for uniquely taking control during gameplay. However, very limited quantities of the Futureshock 3D and FuturePad combination were sold, but of course everyone has access to a mouse on a IIGS (don't you?) and also likely to have a joystick. And now you can use the mouse and joystick to fully play Futureshock 3D.

Go to the archive page and download the zipped 2image and play Futureshock 3D without a Futurepad! Includes source code as well!