17/04/2014: Gaming Manuals Added For The Lost Treasures of Infocom, Halls of Montezuma, The Black Cauldron, John Elway's Quarterback and Superstar Ice Hockey

There's been a backlog of scanned manuals from Antoine Vignau, most generous man in the Apple II universe, that I've had a hard time sorting due to lack of time in my behalf. But here's some of them now for you to enjoy.

Firstly, there's the documentation to the Lost Treasures of Infocom - a HUGE set of manuals, given this includes all of the classic Infocom text adventures. For most games, a separate map PDF has been included as well. Not included, however, is the Hints book that included solutions to ALL the games included in the collection, which I'll need some time to scan myself, as the TWO copies of the game Antoine bought were missing! In the meantime, you could always find walkthroughs for these games via Google of course.

Next, there's the manual for Halls of Montezuma, which replaces the existing manual I had for the 8-bit version. I've pieced together the separate scans Antoine made of the maps, but they don't perfectly align, but you'll get the idea looking at it.

The Black Cauldron gets the full documentation treatment as part of its archive now.

And last but not least, two sporting titles, John Elway's Quarterback and Superstar Ice Hockey are now fully documented with their original manuals (and disk labels as well - thanks again Antoine!).