13/08/2016: Genie & Delphi Archives Via MacGUI Vault

David Finnigan, of MacGUI.com, has been able to restore the file and message archives of the Genie and Delphi services that were great resources for Apple II users back in the '90s.

I've had fun sifting through those archives to see what might have been missing from the archives on What is the Apple IIGS? I found a newer version of the handy image and animation displayer Show Me NDA and Finder Extra (v1.1.1) and some additional icons (if you've got a Zip drive working with the your IIGS, you're going to love those). These have been updated on the System Add-ons volume. Another interesting find was SpeedRead Plus v3.2, a shareware text viewer from 1999 by Terry Morris that can read text files (of any format, including AppleWorks and AppleWorks GS), very quickly and of any size regardless of memory limitations, as well as adding bookmarks for you to come back to later. That's been placed on the Productivity & Visual Creative 32meg volume in the 'SW.Productivity' folder. An older v2.2 version of the NDA version of this is also on the System Add-ons volume, in the 'NDAs/Text.Editors' folder. If anyone has the newer v3.2 NDA, be sure to write in with it - it might just replace my tried and true Hermes NDA for reading and editing text files. Also, DeleteGS was found, a cute app that will securely delete files so there's no chance of them ever being recoverable. That's been placed on the Utilities & Aural Creative volume. You'll also find on that volume updated versions of the recent utility programs by Ewen Wannop - Chewbagger, Phoenix and BrkDown.

For games, I found an update (v2.5 from v2.4) for the Bill Hamshire card game Euchure, which you can find on the System 6 and freeware and shareware games volume. I also came across some saved tank designs for the commercial game Omega. I've placed them in the Adventure and Simulation Games volume, in the Omega folder called 'Other.Tanks'.

The really big find were several archives of Nathan Mates' work on enhanced modules for the Twlight II screen saver. These efforts would have constituted v2.0 had it been completely finished. It includes the newest version of the Flying Toasters (Toast) I've come across and now also includes the Aquarium (Fish) – two memorable modules 'borrowed' from the classic After Dark screen saver for the Mac and Windows. There's also S.L.E.D., a major improvement on the L.E.D. module, which affectively lets you create your own scolling texts (like from scene demos) with lots of effects, which you can easily setup using script like commands. There's also Flames, for demo scene style illumination to prevent screen burn-in. There are the games MultiTris, Power Grid and Mine Hunt, however these required the newer v2.0 executable - which has yet to be archived. Even out of all these new and improved modules, there still isn't a nice simple slideshow one that will display common IIGS image formats from a folder - anyone want to volunteer to write such a module? To get the new and updated modules, simply re-download the 2image archive again from the title's entry, and copy the items from three disk images to the Twlight II folder that you'll need to pre-install if you haven't already installed it.