25/04/2017: Gertrude's Secrets Updated with v1.4 and Now Hard Drive Installable

Thanks to another recent 3.5" disk image by François Michaud and copy protection removal thanks to Antoine, we now have version 1.4 of Gertrude's Secrets. This classic edcuational game from Atari Adventure author Warren Robinett from the Learning Company in its last iteration promises hard drive installation (useful if you want to put a nice collection of great 8-bit eduware programs together in one place) although the hard drive installer (possibly - I haven't tested beyond using a CFFA3000 or Sweet 16 emulation) only works with SCSI hard drives.

However, I found a text document that details how you can modify a specific list of last revisions made to some Learning Company titles (Talking Reader Rabbit, Math RabbitThink Quick, Magic Spells, Gertrude's Secrets and Rocky's Boots) using a BASIC prompt and calling the monitor. Long story short – the new disk image works from a 3.5" inch disk (quite possibly from a 5.25" disk via ProDOS given the program is only 80k large) and if you copy the files to a hard drive (or any large ProDOS formatted volume) it will run from it. Awesome. I still hope to collect Magic Spells and Rocky's Boots (although USO has already done a hack to make it work from ProDOS) – the rest we have archived.