06/07/2019: Goodies Before KansasFest

All eyes will soon be turned to KansasFest once again to find out what everyone's been doing with their Apple II's since last year's biggest get-together of all things related to Apple's first line of computers.

But before July 16, there are a couple of awesome things to play with on the IIGS thanks to Ewen Wannop and Chris Vavruksa.

Ewen's added yet another feature of modern operating systems to the IIGS – a version check and download application. Yes! All of his communications programs can now be updated by Versions semi automatically when any of Ewen's popular suite of internet applications for email, usenet or FTP are updated, or Ewens utility apps as well (Breakdown disassembler, Chewbagger sector editor, Phoenix file recovery, etc). You'll need to use Marinietti and an appropriate hardware solution (Uthernet I or II, LANceGS) to connect to the internet to make it happen (which is what modern OS require for this feature as well). Ewen's extended the offer to any and all developers on the IIGS who'd like to provide their software via Versions to keep everyone up-to-date easily.

Chris Vavruksa's most recent entry into the utility scene is GSummer, a New Desk Accessory that does file checksums to maintain data integrity. Could be useful to track down those lingering bugs with the HFS File System Translator (FST) that still seems to affect large volumes using that Mac's volume format method with GS/OS System 6.

For the  System Add-ons volume, I've included The TypeChanger Finder Extra, which enables file type changes for multiple files at once. It can be found in The Finder.Extras folder.

But the best is yet to come: SysFont v2.1 NDA, which allows you to change fonts within dialogues and pull down menus separately across all or specific GS/OS apps – a godsend for providing something other than Shaston! It seems a LOT more stable than Dave Leffler's MenuMaster v1.1 NDA in doing the same thing. I've also added my updated version of the Smallville.8 font that can be a complete replacement for Shaston if you want - it even supports all the extended characters used like Apple logos, bullets, accented characters, mathematical symbols, you name it. It can be found in the NDAs/GUI.NDAs/SysFont folder. Enjoy this excellent customisation to System 6.0.x.

The documentation for each is in Japanese, so excuse the odd jumble of characters, but these programs are easy to use with a little experimentation. Both were created by Keiichi Urabe, who sadly passed away some years ago. I hope his work can be further appreciated outside of the Japanese Conversion Kit for System 6 (something I need to include in the System 6 archive).