15/09/2008: Happy Birthday Apple IIGS!

On this day in 1986, the Apple IIGS was first released. But good luck trying to get one: supply of the machines dribbled slowly into the market and most of the Apple faithful had to wait months to procure a IIGS for their very own.

22 hardly being a milestone year, there are only very modest updates to include: Thanks to Andrew Roughan and David Wilson, who both provided scans, the Programmer's Reference for System 6.0 has been added to the Publications/Books section. And more rummaging through mirrors.apple2.org.za revealed that GSNumerics has been reclassified as freeware, so I have made it so on the site.

Also, if any of you tried the RSS feeds for both News and the Blog and had trouble, well, the RSS feeds are now working properly.