09/04/2017: Hardware Updates

Manila Gear and Reactive Micro team up! As part of their new partnership Reactive Micro will handle distribution as Manila Gear releases their new 2soniq card, their scaled down sound expansion that provides stereo output like other 3rd party stereo cards. Additionally, Manila Gear has a refreshed 4soniq card (the first card to support surround sound on the IIGS) based on feedback of the first batch of sales. On top of that, Manila Gear also produces the Apple IIGS VGA Adapter, which enables you to connect to a VGA monitor that supports 15Khz video input (so be sure your monitor supports this before buying the adapter, because most modern monitors will NOT support 15Mhz video signals).

Thanks to 4am (quite some time ago, and no-thanks to me for sorting a backlog of disk images in an untimely manner) we now have some new software...for hardware. Multi Drive Pro for the Checkmate MultiRAM card (for which we still need a scan!) and Checkmate Memory Saver for the Memory Saver card (a ROM backup device). Download these separately from the disk image links from each archive.

Last but not least, the Audio Animator manual has been scanned by Karl Horster.