24/04/2014: How Many Apple IIGS Went into Production? You Can Help Find Out the Answer!

Apple kept sales of their machines fairly close to their chest in the 80s, at least with the Apple IIGS - although it's been said the IIGS outsold the Mac in its first year of production, I've never found where that claim comes from. If we wanted to talk hard numbers of just how many IIGS machines were made from 1986 to 1993, we're just as in the dark.

Antoine and Olivier of Brutal Deluxe are trying to make an educated guess at an estimate by looking at the serial numbers of IIGS models from as many people as possible. The more people submit the serials numbers from the bottom of the cases of their IIGS specimens, the more accurate Antoine can determine how many IIGS were sold overall and by what year.

The serial number of each IIGS can be broken down like this:

E : Factory code (E=Singapore, CK=Cork Ireland, ...)
7 : Year of production (7=1987, 8=1988, 9=1989, 0=1990, 1=1991...)
49 : Week number (01-52)
YJA : current # / based on units built this week
A2S6000 : Apple IIgs code

See how are favourite French duo are fairing with their current list of serial numbers. Be sure to check out all the spreadsheet tabs on Google Docs at the bottom of the page.

This is the current estimate of the total number of IIGS produced.

You can help come up with a more accurate estimate by emailing your IIGS serial numbers to (spam filter following) sn at brutaldeluxe dot fr.