22/07/2017: IIGS Programs that AREN'T Hard Drive Installable – Can We Change That?

Since the major success we've had thanks to Marco Verpelli and qkumba in patching so many ProDOS based 8-bit eduwares so they can run from a large ProDOS volume/hard drive, I'm putting the call out to anyone and everyone if they can help out with the IIGS specific titles that still refuse to run from a hard drive (at least, without the program asking for the 'original' disk being inserted in the 3.5" drive after launching, which defeats the purpose of running it entirely from a hard drive).

Back in 2013 I had some success in making some games work on a hard drive by changing the hard paths with a sector editor and setting up folders on a volume specifically named 'G' (for games) which allowed for a file path as short as possible to fit in within the number of characters in the original file paths of each game disk. This is about the maxiumum level of skill I have with sector editing, and there are plenty of games and other apps that did not succumb to my paltry efforts. I've listed programs below where I've attempted to change the hard path to no avail. Besides, if anyone can do this better, the programs can be copied to and fro between volumes easily – the hard path fix only works if it stays on a ProDOS volume called 'G' and if the folder it resides in remains the same name as well.

I'm listing these titles by genre (Games, Apps, Eduware), and the more specific sub-genre and the 'low hanging fruit' first. Low hanging fruit means that a program already runs fine from System 6 and only requires a hard drive friendly patch. The next 'level' of difficulty is where a program requires a hard drive patch and also a patch to make System 6 compatible comes next. System 6 compatibility isn't a necessity (as the Taifun Boot volume I've setup can quickly enable you to boot into earlier versions of GS/OS and ProDOS 16) but all the same, it'd be ideal to have them running from System 6 as well). These are the programs requiring some attention:



Sea Strike (Originally would not work from System 6, but Antoine / LoGo managed to fix that, but it's still not able to run from a hard drive – the program expects itself to be found in slot 5)

King of Chicago (An already hacked version runs from a hard drive and System 6, but it's too flakey to reliably play a whole game through – results in a hard crash eventually – needs revisiting)

Marble Madness (A ProDOS 8 based application, it doesn't run with System 6 or like running from a hard drive. Recommend using LoGo's more recent crack, which fixed the much older version archived that presented graphical glitches at the very end of the game.)

Rocket Ranger (Neither System 6 or hard drive installable (eventually displays an error 'Program disk must be booted')

Alien Mind (I don't know how this custom bootloader could ever run from System 6, currently you can best run it as a single volume on a CFFA3000 or theoretically, a Floppy Emu (I haven't tried this yet) or any IIGS emulator thanks to the work Ballmer Peak made to make it ROM03 compatible and a single volume from the French United Crackers Klan release).

GATE (Again, with this custom operating system, I don't know that you could ever get this to run from System 6 and a hard drive. A treatment similar to that made for Alien Mind would be a welcome edition to combine both gameplay disks and the separate save game disk as a single archive)

Space Shark (another custom booter, this time from the French United Crackers Klan themselves, aka Miami Software.


Dream Zone (System 6 compatible. I've had a go at trying the specific HD install instuctions with sector editing it for a few hours, but it didn't work. Anyone else want to give it a go? Needs to load and save games to a large ProDOS volume as well)

Transylvania III (ProDOS 8 based, not System 6 compatible. Loading and Saving games would also need to work from a large ProDOS volume)

Board Games

Bridge 6.0 (not really System 6.0.1 compatible, and disk name of single character ‘X'! Problem!)

Chess Master 2100 (System 6 incompatible and doesn't seem to like being installed on a hard drive either. Only version 1.1 is archived – perhaps newer versions supported hard drive installation)


War in Middle Earth (System 6.0.1 compatible. PROBLEM! Disk name is has two fewer characters to convert to the new path convention of /G/.. !!!)

Ancient Land of Ys (System 6.0.1 compatible – I thought I'd found a hard drive installable version...problem is, it crashes when you go to save or resume a game! This version still currently resides on the Board and RPGs 32meg volume, but you could also refer to the two 800k disk images and start 'fresh' with this. I have found this text document, but its hard drive installation method requires hard path changes and you STILL need to have a save game disk specifically called 'USER' in slot 5, drive 1 or 2 to save and resume games.


Destroyer (System 6 incompatible. Changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

Grand Prix Circuit (System 6 INCOMPATIBLE changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

Hostage (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

Pirates! (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

Silent Service (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

Test Drive II (not System 6 compatible – only runs from ProDOS 16 v1.6).


The Hunt for Red October


4th and Inches (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)

GBA Basketball (uses BASIC to start! Weird. Updated Prefix but no joy)

Hardball (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option but found it uses ‘*' wildcard - can these be kept when moving to another volume? Does the ‘*' wildcard actually work?)

Serve and Volley (changing hard path doesn't look like it's an option)



Reading and Writing

Most Orange Cherry Software titles work from a hard drive...but several do not (at least for the versions we have on archive): Talking First Writer, Talking Reading Railroad, Talking Speller I (II works fine from a hard drive!) and Talking USA Map.

I was pleasantly surprised when I re-imaged my original disks for Talking Alpha Chimp, Talking Animals and Talking First Reader, that they all work from a hard drive now. It's possible I'd limited my previous testing to Sweet 16 for these titles when I had copied them to a hard drive image, but they run fine on a ROM01 IIGS with a CFFA3000.