22/03/2009: IIGS Tune Treasure!

Jim Maricondo has done the Apple II community a wonderful service. Apart from being the brains behind the wonderful Twilight II screen saver and together with Bill Martens, the Golden Grail archive, he's also recorded a lot of high quality IIGS music from games, demos, SoundSmith and Noisetracker. Five hours worth in fact! And the music now resides with each relevant archive on this site, the link to which you can find under the 2image download link.

Firstly, there's the haunting opening music to Alien Mind. Perfect as a ringtone? Or perhaps you prefer Miami Software's remix on the Space Cluster title screen? Then there's also the unique title music to Neuromancer, written by none other than geek gods Devo! The perfect music to drive into the sunset to, the theme from Test Drive II, is also part of the collection. Or how about the thumping first two tracks of Space Fox? The theme from Skate or Die? The first three levels' music of Marble Madness? The title music of Columns GS by James Brookes? Two tracks from Sensei? And to finish off the games, there's the music from the first level of GATE and its very different sounding GATE playable demo.

Did you spend far too many hours marvelling at the compositions created with SoundSmith? Well now you can relive those days without a IIGS being on hand! I've also created an archive for NoiseTracker, because there's a few recorded tracks for that as well! There's also five Diversi-Tune tracks that you can now sing along to the MP3s of. And last but not least, I had originally forgotten to include Mitch Spector's recordings of three Music Construction Set tracks.

Speaking of which, Mitch's recordings have been on the site since the re-launch and if you missed them, here they are:

The themes from King's Quest IIIIII and IV as well as Leisure Suit LarryPolice Quest and Space Quest I and IITass Times in TonetownPaperboyRoadwar 2000, and Tomahawk.

Samples tracks from ThexderWinter Games and World Games.

Full sound tracks to Defender of the CrownThe ImmortalKing of ChicagoRocket RangerSinbadThe Three Stooges and Zany Golf.

Even I've had a crack at recording music, and have the complete soundtrack to the Bard's Tale II, including all the songs from the original Bard's Tale as played by the Bard in the sequel.

If you're keen to record your favourite IIGS music and want to add to the collection here, equip your IIGS with a stereo card and see how you can help.