15/11/2008: InCider, II Alive and A+ Cover Collection Complete!

I'm very happy to announce that all three collections of InCider, II Alive and A+ are now complete in relation to their cover scans.

Thanks to Wayne Bibbens at Wayne's Computer Store, I managed to procure these last remaining issues to plug the holes in my almost complete collection, but only after overcoming email problems, researching best postage methods and working around the sliding value of the Australian dollar to the greenback. Thanks for bearing with me Wayne!

The volumes in question are:

InCider Magazine - December 1986
A+ Magazine - January 1987
II Alive Volume 1, Number 1 March April 1993

I also bought the April 1993 issue of InCider/A+, which reduces the number of cover scans for that collection to 2 only!

Also, to complete the InCider collection, I added the January 1989 issue, which has been in my collection for some time, but posed a bit of a problem in regards to retouching: let's just say it wasn't in mint condition! It's come up pretty nice after applying my Photoshop retouching techniques, don't you think?

Now, this is the part where I ask you to beg, borrow or steal copies of the remaining InCider/A+ (Issues March and May 1993), Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide (Fall and Winter 1987; Spring, Summer and Winter 1988) and GS+ (Issues Volume 1, Issue 1 to Issue 6; Volume 2 Issues 1 and 2) magazines. If you don't have the necessary hardware to scan in these magazines beg, borrow or steal that too!