24/12/2014: It's Christmas Time!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you'll have some enjoyable time off as I've been having, spending time with my young new family.

Luckily, I've found just enough time to share some Christmas cheer with you all, not to mention clearing out a backlog of submitted material from some generous contributors.

Antoine's found quite the rarity - Disk Util II by FWB for the IIGS. I had no idea of its existance before! It provides easy ways of cracking and/or hard drive installation of games and applications. Alas, its included selection of copying parameters did not include anything we didn't already have previously cracked or hard drive installable. Never-the-less, this came as a total surprise as FWB was very well known for the SCSI utilities on the Mac and I had no idea they ever released anything for the Apple II.

After a curious enquiry by Quinn Dunki via the Open Apple Podcast, Mitch Spector has been able to provide what no-one else has: the 'Crude Sounds' hack for classic IIGS game Task Force. It replaces some sound effects with some over-the-top four letter words and it's a hoot to play all over again. Just download the .zip archive again to get at both versions.

After discussion with François Michaud about one of his recent acqusitions, the AST RamStak Plus memory card for the IIGS, it turned out I had a scan of it all along, although apologies to whoever sent it - I have no record of your submission. But the card itself can now be visually scrutinised at least.

Another more recent hardware find is the Checkmate Memory Saver card - thanks to Giorgio Morocutti for sending in an image of it. It appears to be a memory expansion card that allows you to plug-in another memory card, and keeping the RAM backed up via a battery. Almost like a solid state hard drive I guess, by making RAM non-volatile.

I've also got some Christmas gifts to share: a box scan for Math Blaster Mystery and KidWriter Gold. I've also got some new 8-bit eduwares on 3.5" - Speed Reader, Classmate and Homeworker (I'll add archives for these soon!). Much thanks to Antoine for cracking them! Additionally, Antoine's also been able to supply a scan for KidTalk's box and manual.

François Michaud has been able to supply the manual and supplementary materials for Milliken Story Teller.

For something a little bit different, the feature length story of Naughty Dog's 30th Anniversary is currently available in full - catch snippets of Apple II and IIGS action at the beginning.