12/11/2016: Jigsaw Deluxe Recovered and Released After 27 Years

Antoine Vignau, never to shy away from a challenge, has been able to restore the contents of Huibert Aalbers' old hard drive; the same drive used during the developement of his programs Jigsaw, Laser Force and SoundSmith. A hard drive that's been in storage since the early '90s.

On that drive was the unreleased Jigsaw Deluxe, a sequel of sorts to Jigsaw, but featuring lots of improvements that Huibert would have preferred to include with the original Jigsaw release, such as 2 player mode, saving games, music, greater degrees of difficulty and other improvements.

It's a pleasure to add a new archive entry with a disk image in the unreleased section of this archive after quite a long while! Enjoy everyone.

Note that Jigsaw Deluxe doesn't come with any new images (apart from the European Software Partners screen and title). Check out the Graphics & Animation 32meg volume in the 'Images.16' folder and others to use as puzzles, or you can always use the images from the original Jigsaw.