30/04/2016: Kaboom! goes version 1.02 to support new 4Play Joystick Card

WOzFest /// was held in the mancave of Sean McNamara in Sydney Australia last night and not just being a gathering of Apple II enthusiasts and a plethora of hardware to be played with, swapped and fixed, it was also a forum to announce Alex Lukacz's new hardware project - the 4Play Joystick Adapter...which just happens to coincide with version 1.02 of Kaboom! (I'm being whimiscal here, of course it was a coordinated effort), the simply amazing Bomberman style game for the IIGS by Ninja Force of Germany, which now supports up to 4 player joystick controlled action with the card - no more crowding around the keyboard! The new Kaboom also enhances stability for AI players - crash free gameplay - yay!

Also announced, but for which no details exist online yet, is the new 4soniq sound card - forget stereo output - this baby will do surround sound output from the IIGS! How exciting!

The Kaboom updates can be had from NinjaForce's website, or the archive contained on WITA2GS? I've also updated the  32meg volume Games with Path Mods where it sits amongst all hard drive hacks for games that need a little special care when it comes to running from a hard drive.