02/12/2017: Lost Apple IIGS Eduware Title Archived! Microtype, The Wonderful World of PAWS

Microtype, The Wonderful World of PAWS has come as a complete surprise for a piece of IIGS specific educational software. I'd never heard of it until Antoine archived it, although I'd need to check through catalogues and listings to be sure. if I had ever come across it in the past I assumed it was vapourware as I never saw anything ever written about it.

The details of Antoine's necessary crack to have it archived can be found here. All of Antoine's cracks, for the Apple II and IIGS, can be found in the Hackzapple forums.

Jeremy Barr-Hyde has submitted a scan for Once Upon a Time III! Thanks bigtime for that! As always, What is the Apple IIGS? is very keen to fill the gaps in our box scan archives.