12/07/2011: Lots of new Visual Content and More Manuals!

Thanks to François Michaud's growing Apple collection, including a sizeable section devoted to Apple's first line of computers, he's been able to scan a lot of missing covers for applications including AppleLink: The Personal Edition, Beagle DrawGNO/ME, Micol Advanced BASIC, FAXination, Express and DeskPak. Additionally, he's also contributed manuals for ExpressFAXination and Firepower.

I've also included a manual and cover scan for Flashboot (courtesy of Wayne Stewart, although I'd had this for a while!) as well as a cover scan for Deluxe Paint II Arts Parts Volume 2 (thanks to Antoine Vignau). Detlef Kahner has also helped out by submitting the manual for Chess Master 2100.

As always, please check the list for box scans and manuals we still need to complete the archive here at 'What is the Apple IIGS?'. I've been recently writing the text for the coffee table book and in these days of the Apple App Store, Android Market and other online venues to get your software, it's becoming clearer just how important it is that we record ANY history of how software used to be obtained...and there's no better way to do this than by scanning the packaging of software from the past. Consider: with the future of the digital age sprawling wider and further in front of us - there will be but a small period of time in which people went to physical stores and bought tangible media from which to run or install their software. Those days will soon be forgotten unless this is all recorded.

So spread the word if you're one of the lucky ones attending KansasFest next week, or if you'll be at home during the event, why not delve into your collection and add to history? Contributions are always credited (unless you wish to remain anonymous) and will appear online and within the coffee table book. As for the book...no, I still can't give a release date yet!

There's also a NEW category for which you can contribute. Before leaving Australia I scanned almost all of my original 3.5" disks (OK, so I missed a few in my rush to reach the plane before it took off) and as it turns out, Antoine's also been scanning his disks...and François as well. Between the three of us, we've got well over half of all game and application disks and a good start to educational software. If you've got any original disks with their labels intact, check the list and read the step by step guide as to how to get the best possible quality scans.