21/09/2014: Major Apps Update - New Apps! Updated Apps! New App Manuals and box scans!

At last, I've found time to finally unleash the last of the application related content additions I archived a good 12 months ago amongst Tony Diaz's collection - a veritable cornacopia of interesting material. Let's begin!

First up, an archive for Addressed for Success, including versions 1.0 and 1.1beta, as well as the manual.

Secondly, an equally complete archive for Desktop Enhancer v2.0, a functional but user unfriendly suite of utilities providing desktop appearance, sound event, screen saver and desktop clock options to System 5.0.4 and System 6.0.x.

Thirdly, we now have on archive the Beagle Bros Clip Art (which I think was originally released through Styleware, Beagle Bros picking up that title along with most of Styleware's back catalogue when they got bought out by Claris).

And then we've got a tonne of updates:

discQuest versions 1.3 and 1.4 allow for more discPassage titles to be used on the IIGS, as well as making use of the Second Sight card to display their graphics as they were originally intended without conversion.

FAXination updates, including v1.0.4 and v1.0.5b - these might be able to make the software actually work! I don't know myself, not having an old modem around.

Calendar Crafter v1.3 has no copy protection and runs from a hard drive / large ProDOS volume fine now.

Platinum Paint v2.0.1 has been discovered - what this actually adds or fixes I don't know unfortunately, as no release notes were found along with it.

Styleware / Beagle Bros Font Library 1 disk replaced as previous disk image was corrupted from my original 3.5" disk.

Plus - a load of manual scans:

Super Menu Pack, Nexus, Image Master: Basic Paint, Transprog III (in addition to the existing French manual), Twilight II addendums, Auto Ark v1.1 (in addition to the original v1.0 manual, although the archive still only includes v1.0 because v1.1 is still sold by Syndicomm).

And last but not least, some box scans:

ANSITermHyperstudio (rare v3 box), Salvation Backup, Salvation Deliverance, Salvation Exorciser, Salvation RenaissanceShow Off Graphics CollectionSuper Convert, Switch It, Graphic Writer (Original), Quick Click Morph, Super Graphix 256, Quick Click Calc, Prism, PMP-FAXNexus.

Some of these are manual cover scans (as there was no box for Super Convert, Switch It or PMP FAX) and I did scan the manuals as well, but discovered all too late there were issues with them which I didn't have time to fix before having to fly back to Australia from Tony's. Aargh!