02/02/2010: Major Hardware Update

Thanks to Tony Diaz of 16 Sector, the archive has experienced the largest single hardware contribution yet...and given that it leaves little left to desire, there probably won't be another large hardware haul like this ever again! But Tony might keep us guessing. After all, by the description of his house, a labyrinthine maze where one's path is blocked at every turn by walls of retro gear reaching the ceiling...anything might turn up next!

Sink your teeth into these little beauties:

Apple 1 meg RAM (curiously labelled Vegas), The Apple II Ethernet card (yes, the one that never got released!), the Applied Engineering GS-RAM 2 Meg Expander, AST Vision Plus (the precursor to the Visionary GS), Chinook 4 Meg RAM, Cirtech Plus RAM 8, Cirtech ROMDisk GS, Doctor Design Sound Card, Epic 2400 Classic Rev C, Applied Visions Inc. FutureSound, Applied Ingenuity GStereo, a generic RAM card that can hold either 512k or 2meg, Applied Ingenuity GS Juice Plus and regular GS Juice, GS Super Expander, Hayes Smart Modem 1200A, Hyperstudio Sound Card, Pacemark IIGS Super RAM II, LANce GS, MDIdeas Digitizer Pro, MDIdeas OctoRAM, Mexel DynaRAM 1meg, Parallax TopRAM, SoundMeister (in Alltech red livery), the Uther Ethernet Card (the current darling of enabling Ethernet on a IIGS or IIe), the Zip Drive (nope, not the one from Iomega, rather an alternative to the Focus Drive), the Mark Twain Daughter Board (yep, something from the unreleased ROM04) and the Cortland ROM Card.

Additionally, Tony has provided some factual tidbits to most of these new additions.

Last, but certainly not least, Andy Molloy has provided a great scan of the cover to the ‘System 6 Book' by Jerry Kindall. This brings the archive for book covers precariously close to being finished - check out the books section and see if you've got one of the missing covers, then scan and submit it.