13/12/2008: Making KEGS-OSX Easier to Use...by a Comic Book Hero?

Paul Laroquad recently got in touch and let me know about version 0.4 of his KEGS Slot Droppers for Mac OS X. 'Tha what?!' you're probably thinking. Well, the KEGS Slot Droppers make it easy as dragging and dropping a disk image onto each dropper and then KEGS will start up automatically to boot from whatever has been dropped. This is especially useful for the KEGS-OSX build, as despite that it's more optimised, it still requires you to manually key the location of the disk images(s) you want KEGS to see.

Paul's also created an amazingly illustrated comic, with himself as the 'hero', that's easily appreciated by Apple II fans. Bizarre, but another wonderful example of the Apple II entering into the contemporary art space again.