17/02/2010: Manual Mania!

A lot of people seem to think 2010 is the year of the tablet...think again! It's the year of the manual! That's right, 'What is the Apple IIGS?' now has even more documentation on IIGS games and applications! Arnaud Brossard's manual scans of last year have inspired me to scan all of my own manuals and as luck would have it, Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe (the man who doesn't sleep) was also doing the same with his original documentation. As even further luck would have it, there was little crossover between us, so all our efforts have combined with Arnaud's contributions have gone on to produce a very comprehensive library of documentation. Again, each of these PDFs is completely searchable as all text has been OCRed.

Antoine's contributions to games have been:

Cogito and the Tinies (both of which Antoine and Olivier Zardini ported to the IIGS back in the 90s), Impossible Mission II, Reach for the StarsShadowgateShanghai, Sword of Sodan (yep, it wasn't released for the IIGS, but here's the documentation from the Amiga version), Transylvania III, Ultima I.

Antoine's also covered a lot of apps:

Pegasoft DrawTools v3.1 (for which I've created a new archive), Instant Music, Pyware Instrument Designer, Pyware Music Writer, InwordsList PlusMaster Tracks JuniorMicol Advanced BASIC v5.0Music Construction SetSignature GS, discQuest v1.2 (for which I've created an entry for in the Hypermedia category), Graphic Writer v2.0, Softwood GSFile, NoiseTracker.

as well as some educational software:

Fractal Explorer, Kid's Time II.

My own gaming contributions are as follows, and this should now allow for many of the more complex games to be played much more easily with background story, rules, objectives, hints & tips:

Ancient Land of Ys, Arkanoid, Beyond Zork, Block Out, Captain Blood, Cribbage & Gin King, Cryllan Mission 2088, Downhill Challenge, Dragon Wars, Dungeon Master, Gauntlet, Hardball!, Hover Blade, Keef the Thief, Laser Force, Life & Death, Mancala, Mean 18, Panzer Battles, Pipe Dream, Qix, Rastan, Sinbad & the Throne of the Falcon, Skate or DieSea StrikeServe & VolleyStrip Poker IITass Times in TonetownThe Lost TribeThe Third CourierTriangoTunnels of ArmageddonUninvitedVegas CrapsVegas GamblerWindWalkerWorld Games.

For additional good measure, I also scanned the solutions to Questron II and Tower of Myraglen from Quest for Clues Book II. With all this added documentation for RPGs and sim games, if anyone would like to take screen shots while playing these games, it would be greatly appreciated.

And then there are my scans for application software:

DeskWorks (Beagle Brothers Desk Accessories)Dream GrafixFantavisionGraphics Studio, Harmonie, Paintworks Gold, Paintworks PlusShoeboxThe Desktop MangerThe ManagerThe Music Studio v2.0, The Print ShopThe Print Shop CompanionTopDraw.

Educational software:

GSymbolix (Eureka Symbolix)



Because we've come so far with documentation so relatively quickly, I ask other IIGS fans to look through their own collection to see if they can scan in the following in the hope we can one day have complete documentation:

Ancient Glory
Bouncing Bluster II
Cavern Cobra
Futureshock 3D
King of Chicago
Mazer II
Space Fox
Space Shark

Lost Treasures of Infocom
Questmaster I

Bridge 6.0
Chess Master 2100
Club Backgammon
Full Metal Planete
Gold of the Americas
Mad Match
Pick n Pile
Solitaire & Cribbage
Solitaire Royale

Cryllan Mission 2088: The Second Scenario
Mighty Marvel Vs the Forces of E.V.I.L.
Roadwar 2000
Spirit of Excalibur
Star Saga One
Star Saga Two

Grand Prix Circuit
GBA Championship Basketball
Gnarly Golf
Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf
John Elway's Quarterback
Mini Putt
Street Sports Soccer
Superstar Ice Hockey
World Tour Golf


Calendar Crafter
Medley 2.0
Notes 'n' Files
Smart Money
Word Perfect
Your Money Matters

Color Plus
Designer Prints
Designer Puzzles
Draw Plus
DYOH: Architecture
DYOH: Interiors
DYOH: Landscape
Graphic Writer III v3.0 (by Richard Bennett)
Graphics Supermarket
Hometown U.S.A.
Imagemaster: Basic Paint
Platinum Paint
Show Off!

Diversi-Tune v1.1
Instant Synthesizer
Master Tracks Pro


Auto Ark
Balloon v2.0
Express v2.1
Flash Boot
Font Factory v2.0
The Graphic Exchange
GS Font Editor
Kangaroo v1.3
Life Guard
Pointless v2.0.3
Salvation Supreme
Second Chance
Soft Switch
Super Convert v4.0
Trans Prog III
Universe Master

Teleworks Plus

We'll focus on eduuational software a bit later.

I've reviewed the steps I've taken to scan manuals for best possible quality, so if you'd like to submit something, check out these guidelines first.