19/04/2009: Many New Hardware Inclusions

Welcome to the next round of content additions to 'What is the Apple IIGS?'!

The disc controllers hardware category now includes scans of each of those expansion cards, plus some new ones. Thanks to Clay Cummins the archive now includes the CMS SCSI card, the Applied Ingenuity Inner Drive controller card and the Inner Drive itself and the CV Technologies GS Memory card. I've had some other scans for quite a while that I just plain lost track of but, but David Wilson and Ewen Wannop provided scans for the InSyder and Cirtech SCSI cards, along with the Cirtech 4 meg RAM card.

All roads seemed to converge on Computer Eyes GS in the last month or two; I received scans from two different people, Clay Cummins and Matthew Machnee (who also sent a box and manual cover scan), after a couple more individuals let me know they could provide a scan real soon. One of which was Andrew T. Foster, who sent a complete PDF of the Computer Eyes' manual on ahead of a scan of the card itself.

David Wilson's also contributed a cover scan for the IIGS ProDOS 16 Reference book.

I've made some further eBay based purchases, and have bought IconixSonix (two programs to allow BASIC to access the better graphics and sound capabilities of the IIGS from its earlier Apple II siblings) and Disc Commander (a disc utility program). All three were made by So What Software back in the day, which has seen a revamp with the launch of their newly updated site. Be sure to keep an eye out on eBay as those items regularly re-appear after auctions finish. Looks like they've got a few left in stock.

Last, but not least, ProTerm v3.1, the venerable 8-bit based comms software, has been reclassified freeware by the newly reformed Apple II Lost Classics project. As per the agreement of the freeware version, I have only included a link to that site and not included the archive here on 'What is the Apple IIGS?'.