16/02/2020: Mass Stickybear / Optimum Resource Updates

Antoine's back with a vengeance.

Being something of a fan of the efforts of Optimum Resource / Weekly Reader Software, the makers of Stickybear and Antoine's all time favourite game, Run for It!, he's been collecting more from the developer/publisher and archiving everything that hasn't been scanned or imaged before.

We've now got manuals for Sentence Fun (as well as a box scan), Stickybear Math, Stickybear Reading Comprehension, Stickybear ReadingStickybear Spellgrabber and Stickybear Typing. I've put them through Acrobat Pro to OCR them so text is completeable and conveniently searchable.

Stickybear Shapes has been completely and newly archived, including the box scan, manual and a fresh disk image with crack. I own and have scanned everything as part of the IIGS Talking Stickybear Shapes, but this 8-bit version, on 3.5" disk no less, has never been archived anywhere else before.

I've also created a dedicated archive for Rocky's Boots, which was the official 3.5" disk release (previously imaged by Antoine). At version 4.1, it could be installed to a hard drive / large ProDOS volume without any modification and is part of the beta collection of 8-bit apps that can run from a hard drive.